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Los Angeles Sex Therapy


In our Western culture, body and mind are often treated as separate entities.  Much of traditional psychotherapy tends to separate thinking and feeling from the physical bodily aspects as well. Los Angeles Sex Therapy can assist you in drawing the bridge between mind and body.

Sex, gender roles and sexuality are a part of our lives, our identities, our personalities and our relationships, but are often treated as taboo subjects that no one wants to talk about....

  • Society and media's role in defining what is right, what is wrong, what is accepted and what is taboo often contradict your own feelings...... Los Angeles Sex Therapy can help change this.                                                                           

    • Sex should be an intimate and enjoyable experience, and sexuality a life-enriching endeavor that is an expression of true self, but so often we're riddled with confusion about identity, worry or guilt about our actions, and shame about the past. Los Angeles Sex Therapycan help you learn ways to address this.

    • Society doesn't always want us to talk about sex, and we're often left feeling as though we lack the skills to deal with sexual issues when they come up in our relationships and in our lives.Los Angeles Sex Therapy is an avenue in which to explore such issues openly without judgment.


      If You Are Experiencing.......

        • Loss or Lack of Intimacy in your Relationship
        • Lack of Sexual Desire, or Problems with Arousal
        • Feelings of Guilt, Fear, Anxiety, or Difficulty Relaxing During Sex
        • Uncertainty About your Sexual Orientation or Gender 

      then, Los Angeles Sex Therapy CAN HELP YOU!



    • We offer psychotherapy in Los Angeles, CA, and specialize in alternative lifestyles (LGBT), and variations in sexual expression. 
    • Sex Therapy
    • Relationships
    • Sexuality, Gender Counseling
    • Body and Mind Attunement


    We offer Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy for Individuals and couples counseling in Los Angeles located conveniently near Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, California. To set up an office visit please call  323.284.4423. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if this type of psychotherapy can benefit you.


    Phone, Internet and Email Counseling also available.   If you are unable to make an office appointment, or would feel more comfortable discussing your concerns over the phone or through internet chat, Mou Wilson will also offer online and internet psychotherapy and counseling. Please click the appropriate box below for information on how to be connected to a phone or chat session. Contact Mou Wilson online, via Chat:

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